Case study: National Field Days

Photo acknowledgement: Barbara Maćkiewicz 

National Field Days

In Poland, National Field Days are the largest agricultural event of the year, holding immense significance for the agricultural community. Drawing crowds of visitors, the event serves as a platform to explore modern agricultural solutions both theoretically and practically.  

Attendees can participate in a range of activities, from talks to field workshops, showcasing innovative approaches to plant cultivation, breeding, and animal husbandry.  

Nearly 1,500 vocational pupils e.g. from agricultural secondary schools participated in the 4th National Field Day in 2023. 

The National Field Days are organised by the regional Agricultural Advisory Centres in cooperation with regional universities and institutions involved in agricultural development.  


The primary objective of the National Field Days is to foster collaboration between academia, industry and practitioners to exchange knowledge and showcase innovative solutions to rural communities, particularly farmers and agricultural students. 


The event adopts a multifaceted approach to achieve its objectives: 

Talks and discussions led by industry experts and farmers, offering insights into cutting-edge agricultural practices and innovations. 

Field workshops: A highlight of the event is the demonstration plot area, featuring field experiments and field lessons, providing hands-on learning experiences and practical demonstrations of modern agricultural techniques. Notably, recent editions have showcased automated soil sampling, offering a glimpse into the cutting-edge technologies transforming agricultural practices. 

While the main event spans three days, ancillary activities occur throughout the year across Poland, including conferences and demonstrations in partnership with research institutes. By bringing together scientists, agricultural enthusiasts, and practitioners, the event fosters dialogue, innovation, and collaboration to shape the future of agriculture. 

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