Case study: The Integrated Learning Platform – soil teaching resources

Photo acknowledgement: Ministry of National Education

The Integrated Learning Platform – soil teaching resources

The Integrated Learning Platform is run by the Ministry of National Education in Poland, It is user-friendly, and secure tool designed to support school-based learning. Developed by experts, the platform offers substantive educational materials tailored to the core curriculum and students’ age groups, presented in visually appealing formats. With a variety of features, ILP facilitates both in-person and remote learning experiences. 

ILP caters to the evolving needs of children and young adults, who increasingly rely on the Internet for entertainment, knowledge acquisition, and educational resources. Targeted towards students and teachers across primary schools (grades I-III, IV-VIII) and secondary schools (general and technical), including vocational education in fields such as horticulture, forestry, agriculture, and livestock. 

Many soil-related lessons can be found on the platform covering topics such as irrigation and soil fertilization (geography); testing the absorption properties of soil (chemistry); soil fertility (geography); main types of soil found in Poland (geography); Characteristics of soil properties and agricultural suitability (vocational agricultural education). 


The primary objective of the platform is to enhance and modernise the learning process, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of all participants. 


LP incorporates cutting-edge functionalities that elevate the traditional school learning experience. It comprises three key modules: 

Portal: This module aggregates educational resources, including multimedia content, accessible without the need for software installation or login credentials. 

LCMS platform (Learning Content Management System): Designed for distance learning, this module allows educators to effortlessly share materials with students and monitor their progress in real-time. Its user-friendly interface enables even novice users to manage educational content efficiently. 

E-material creator: A versatile tool empowering teachers to develop custom teaching materials, assessments, and exams. It offers both pre-designed templates and the option to create content from scratch. 

ILP serves as a modern learning environment where educators can tailor learning experiences to suit their students’ needs effectively. Offering free access to educational content, ILP can be accessed via its website or a dedicated mobile application.  

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