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In fall 2023, Corvinus Science Shop kicked-off the Hungarian LOESS Community of Practice (CoP). LOESS maps, connects and engages with multiple actors in CoPs to provide an overview of the current and desired level of soil-related knowledge in different educational levels and develop teaching programmes and materials. Corvinus Science Shop advocates partnership between the university and society, connects its players in education and research, thus serving the third mission of higher education. The science shop is a supporter of participation and partnership, its main competence is related to the community engaged teaching methodology.


WHO ARE WE? The science shop is embedded in the tertiary education sector and its core, community engaged activity is related to university level. As a result, many of the first members in our national CoP come from universities and community partners. We also reached out to other educational levels and national bodies, and as a consequence the CoP kicked-off with representatives of diverse stakeholders of soil education:

Members of COP

  • Betti Balassa, Project Manager, Budapest Bike Maffia Farm
  • Csaba Centeri, Associate Professor, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Board Member, Hungarian Soil Science Society
  • Izóra Gál, Associate Professor, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Board member, Hungarian Permaculture Association  
  • András Halbritter, Associate Professor, Széchenyi István University and Board Member, Foundation for School Gardens
  • Károly Kovács, Assistant Professor, University of Miskolc and Secretary, Hungarian Soil Science Society
  • Máté Kovács, BA student of Sustainable Management Specialization, Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Erika Saly, President, Hungarian Society for Environmental Education
  • Ilona Szelesné Kása, Founder and teacher, Colourful Garden Foundation 
  • Vitália Víg, Soil health and Composting Expert, TerraVitka – For the Living Soil


Corvinus Science Shop, Corvinus University of Budapest 




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