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The Swedish CoP for the LOESS project is composed of a wide range of stakeholders who all share an interest in increasing the knowledge about how to protect our Swedish soils. All members bring valuable expertise and perspectives to the project. They include soil professors, policy makers, school teachers, outdoor education specialists, artists and agronomists. Organisations represented in the CoP include universities, the Swedish National Agency for Education, non-profit organisations, schools, museums, an outdoor education association, associations for teachers, and other educational initiatives.  

The Swedish CoP is also collaborating closely with the EU PREPSOIL project via the participation of SLU (the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). 

Meetings of the Swedish CoP take place online and provide an opportunity for networking and information sharing. We welcome anyone working in education or soil-related fields in Sweden to join our Community of Practice – so please get in touch! 


  • Ammie Berglund: BioResurs – Swedish Centre for School Biology
  • Christina Berneheim: Svensk Kolinlagring
  • Karin Bårman: Skolverket – The Swedish National Agency for Education
  • Jasmine Cederqvist: ARNA (Art and Nature) Association
  • Edith Hammer: Lund University
  • Janna Holmstedt: Statens Historiska Museer – National Historical Museums
  • Jenny Höckert: SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Emma Johansson: Lund University
  • Johan Lindell: Naturskolornas förening
  • Karl Lundén: SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Christina Ottander: Umeå University
  • Minna Panas: Biologilärarnas förening
  • Håkan Wallander: Lund University
  • Ingela Bursjöö: Gothenburg University






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