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The Community of Practice (CoP) in Türkiye was established on October 2023 once the stakeholders from education, research, community initiatives, and policymaking accepted the invitation provided by the CoP Türkiye Leader ANS Education and Consultancy.  Having started with 11 members, CoP Türkiye currently (April 2024) has 25 members, each of whom shares a common interest in promoting soil literacy and is interested in supporting the LOESS project. To do this, they are contributing to the growing body of soil health awareness education by helping to identify knowledge gaps, barriers, and needs in existing educational contexts. Five of the CoP Türkiye members are also involved in the LOESS Education Innovation Group (EIG) and they keep regular contact with the CoP leader to assist in identifying, defining, and providing feedback on criteria, methodology, and content of soil health teaching materials and training modules under development. CoP Türkiye members who are from different parts of the country meet online every two months when they discuss the ongoing project activities, provide feedback from their perspective on relevant project findings, conduct surveys, etc. 


Our members include academics expert at Soil Science, teachers from different disciplines at primary and secondary schools, teachers at agri vocational high schools, employees and active volunteers of NGOs, freelance farmer trainers,  representatives of civil society organizations.  

Our members pointed out that the sustainable soil management policies in Türkiye put people at the center of decisions about soil and see soil as a property, and degraded the soil health. They added: “We can change this approach that distances people from nature by placing people above other living beings living in or on the soil and thanks to LOESS project our education system will  establish a warm and sincere relationship with the soil despite our increasingly ‘urbanized’ feelings and thoughts. 






Ayfer Yilmaz

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