The first project to project workshop

The 29th of May, the first P2P workshop runned by LOESS facilitated mobilization and mutual learning among various Mission Soil and soil health related projects:

      • TERRASAFE (starts in June 2024)

    During the meeting, the projects collaboratively:

        • Introduced their goals and current activities.

        • Shared insights and experiences from their respective projects.

        • Discussed common challenges and opportunities in soil research and management.

        • Identified potential for collaboration and synergy to avoid overburdening similar target audiences and stakeholders.

        • Saved resources by addressing similar activities, projects, and products.

      One of the main conclusions of the P2P workshop was to determine the best methods for sharing collaboration requests and results while avoiding stakeholder fatigue. Some proposed pathways included:

          • Creating a shared timeline for projects to track when materials and outputs will be available.

          • Connecting locally and within overlapping countries.

          • Aligning at the policy level and maintaining open exchanges in this area.

          • Coordinating activities that engage stakeholders and combining efforts.


        LOESS will host additional project-to-project workshops over the next two years, and
        everyone is welcome to join.

        Follow our social media channels and check our calendar to sign up for future sessions.

        You can read about these and all projects related to Mission Soil in our list. If a project is missing, let us know!

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