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The community of preactice Austria is characterised by the fact that it includes experts,teachers and interested people from many other areas of society. Even before the project began, we were able to liaise with participants from a sister project in order to be informed about the different objectives. The aim of COP Innsbruck is to have a broad range of expertise in order to obtain feedback and input from different specialist areas and professional practice. At the same time, great value is also placed on the knowledge of interested persons from different fields of work.
Another special feature is the close co-operation between the LOESS project and the school garden network based at the University of Innsbruck. In addition to training for prospective teachers, many teachers have already joined forces to exchange ideas about the benefits and challenges of education in school gardens.

Points of discussion from the last Meeting:
  • What is the situation with regard to soil expertise in Austria
  • What are the challenges and needs? Where are the gaps? Where do you already
    perceive needs in the field of soil-related education (at your location)?
  •  Do you know of any inspiring initiatives, courses, case studies in Austria?
  •  Which other stakeholders should be involved in the project?


Innsbruck, Austria


There is no fix number of participants. We are connected to experts from several areas as well as to engaged and interested persons related to the field of soil health. If you are interested to participate in the COP please contact.


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