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The German Community of Practice has so far exchanged views on their personal interests in soil, current problems and challenges as well as possible potential. For example, a lack of soil awareness, knowledge and soil-related education, the lack of inclusion in school curricula and the relationship to everyday life were discussed. Great potential is seen in agriculture, but also in legal requirements. 

The topics discussed so far include: 

  • the role of agriculture  
  • lack of knowledge among the general public  
  • legal basis 
  • the topic of soil in school 
  • conflicting objectives in the use of soils 
  • use of digital media 
  • target groups and stakeholders 



Our Community of Practice currently consists of 9 members, each with a different focus. For example, we have a member with a focus on extracurricular environmental education work, a person from higher education and research, a specialist in soil life and people from the agricultural sector. This gives us the opportunity to look at many different perspectives and work on different topics. 





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Reflective Workshop on the 27th of May (hybrid). Check the calendar.

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