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The Italian Community of Practice (CoP) was established in October 2023, when the first stakeholder accepted the invitation by the LOESS project Italian partners (University of Brescia, University of Sassari and Controvento). Having started with 23 members, the Italian CoP is currently (April 2024) composed of around 70 people and new members are still asking to join the Community at every meeting. Five of the Italian CoP members are also involved in the LOESS Education and Innovation Group (EIG). 

Our members come from both the higher education and the research community, as well as from the primary and secondary education levels , from the productive sectors, from the politics world and from the civil society.  

In fact, due to the composition of the Italian LOESS chapter, we were able to identify and to contact people from a wide range of sectors, from the farmers’ association representatives to the university professor of pedology, from schools’ teachers and managers to public figures in planning and education offices, to managers and volunteers of nonprofit organizations operating in these sectors: social promotion, protection and enhancement of nature and the environment, food education, sustainable development and circular economy.  

The CoP has been meeting online every two months to identify knowledge gaps in existing educational contexts regarding the topic of soil health, and to organize and discuss the ongoing project activities. 

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On December 5, 2023, we performed a widespread infiltration experiment involving classes from 5 Primary Schools over the Italian territory: Adro (province of Brescia, Lombardy), Cesena and Piacenza (Emilia Romagna), Palermo (Sicily) and Sassari (Sardinia). A total of 140 students and 7 teachers took part in the experimental phase, after which they all joined an online meeting where around 50 students (in groups of 4 to 20, depending on the school) volunteered in the reporting phase. 




70 (and increasing)


Giovanna Grossi

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In April 2024, the Italian CoP was presented at the European Gosciences Union General Assembly EGU24: 

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