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LOESS Community of Practice in Serbia was formed in early autumn of 2023, with a goal of gathering a lively local community of actors interested, either profesionally or voluntarily, in topics related to soil and soil health. The CoP is an open membership circle, serving as a meeting point for various stakeholders in order to drive important dialogue about the state of soil in Serbia, and to shape joint actions and efforts towards improving the soil health and soil literacy locally and in our region. The CoP is open to a variety of members – experts, policymakers, researchers, teachers and educators, students, NGO members, activists and many others. Our mission is to spread the awareness about the importance of preservation of healthy soils and to influence the society towards the changes in formal and non-formal educational sector, in order to bring forth a higher degree of soil literacy in Serbia. In these efforts we guide and align ourselves and with general LOESS aims and actions as well as the Soil Manifesto and the Sustainable Development Goals. The lack of soil health awareness, lack of a well-rounded, holistic and comprehensive soil education, and irresponsible use of land and water are some of the main challenges that Serbia faces today, along with the need for a better food system. We hope to make a difference in dealing with these and many more challenges. 

Some of the topics we cover: 

  • soil education 
  • soil health preservation 
  • responsible use of land and water 
  • the food system and soil 
  • sustainability and climate change 

more information

Anyone regardless of their background can become a member by simply sending us an email and introducing themselves. We are open to diverse perspectives, as we believe we can do better if there are different approaches, as long as our goals are shared. Serbian CoP currently has around 20 members and is constantly growing. We are gathering periodically or for special occasions and events. Contact us for more information. 






Irena Šujdović:
Center for the Promotion of Science 

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